Commission a sculpture and collaborate with Daniel Toonen of Rockstar Creations to create a functional, unique work of art for your public community space.

Daniel Toonen’s core mission at Rockstar Creations is to beautify community public spaces, especially water play areas, interactive art features, and sculptures, so everyone can enjoy public community spaces.

Daniel understands the importance of creating functional art and enhancing landscapes with a touch of artistic brilliance.

For over 20 years, he has collaborated with councils, municipalities, and landscape architects, bringing captivating and functional works of art to public spaces across Australia.

Functional Art:

At Rockstar Creations, Daniel and his team take immense pride in crafting stunning stone sculptures that breathe life into public spaces, adding charm and character to parks and community areas. With a builder’s license and certification, Rockstar Creations has the expertise and experience to handle public works, providing reliable, one-stop-shop solutions for all sculptural needs.

Going beyond aesthetics, Daniel is passionate about creating functional art that serves a purpose. Skills extend to crafting unique public furniture, play water features, and benches, ensuring creations beautify spaces and offer the community comfort and convenience.

Materials & Vision:

Rockstar Creations embraces challenges and pushes the boundaries of traditional sculpture. The vision involves intertwining different materials like timber, steel, glass, and resin with stone, allowing exceptional and innovative pieces that defy normality and elevate the art form.

With their own crane trucks and full sculpture installation capabilities, the Rockstar Creations team efficiently manages each project, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process. Attention to detail is paramount as Daniel strives to bring your vision to life with precision and artistry.

Seasoned Professionals:

Collaborating with Rockstar Creations means working with seasoned professionals who deeply understand the needs of councils, landscape architects, and the communities they serve. With Daniel’s extensive experience in the construction industry, projects of all scales are seamlessly managed, providing expertise and dedication every step of the way.

Join Rockstar Creations in creating unforgettable spaces that leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Harness the transformative power of stone and artistic vision to breathe life into your public areas with captivating sculptures and functional art that truly enriches lives and sparks joy.